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Whatever your IT or industrial issues, we are here to help. No one will be more dedicated or motivated to turn your problems into solutions. We have your needs in mind with every detail of our workflow. You will not find a more professional staff nor a more comfortable business experience.



We are here to take your business to the next level with our leading edge understanding of IT and Industrial solutions.



A collaborating mindset is at the center of our company policy. We are here to assist you and find solutions through active engagement and planning.



At the heart of this company is the desire to be straight forward and honest with our customers. Facts are our associates and respect is our keeper.



Web Development

We provide custom web development solutions from start to finish. Whether you need a website designed, an application developed, or advice on design and implementation we've got you covered.

IT Solutions/Consulting

Have questions on how to implement your It infrastructure? We can provide advising and consulting servives to you business to get you where you need to go.

Integration Solutions

Did someone say that robot won’t talk to that HMI? We are experts in robot and HMI communications. We can build custom HMI’s and API’s to get anything to talk to anything at any time anywhere.

Pin Testing

With every solution we give we always check for security vulnerabilities, but even if we are not your IT infrastructure provider we can be a 3rd party to test where your vulnerabilities and weaknesses are so people don’t hijack your robots!

Custom Dashboards

Creation of custom dashboards for your application or webpage to display information through graphs, charts, and images. We can also provide access control consulting and implementation and bring your entire building’s technology ecosystem behind one pane of glass. Creation of energy analytics, management platform design and implementation.

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Meet our dedicated team of Engineers

Tyler Jennings


Tyler has a background in the Information Technology and Cybersecurity Industry and founded this company with the hopes meeting the needs of the growing IT Industry and place a new standard on what is possible for an IT company to do.

Kevin Wiley

Co-Owner/Head of Engineering and Automation

Kevin is a highly experienced controls engineer with a over decade of experience in the Building Automation and HVAC industry.

Matthew Robertson

Head of DevOps

Matthew is a trained Full-Stack Web Developer with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Kentucky.



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